About Us

PyschoNaut Anonymous is community of people that together are bringing a new way of life to the mainstream.  One of acceptance, open mindedness, and the desire to finds one true self through exploration journeys of the mind.

PyschoNaut Anonymous respresents a Lifestyle that has been forced into secrecy throughout centuries.  Some of the greatest minds in history were indeed PyschoNauts themselves. There is a special perspective most PsychoNauts share about society and the chains have locked our minds for too long.  Psychos believe in free thinking and being in touch ones third eye. True freedom is found when you are able to break away from the common societal norms of day to day activity that typically leave oneself unfulfilled and dreading the next day of rinse and repeat systems. We have said enough hiding and believe that education & access to nature should be celebrated and consumed at the discretion of the users. 

We welcome people of all walks of life on our journey.  Although not one persons journey is the same we all share the commonality of inclusiveness and acceptance.

Open your mind and join us in sharing with the world what we already know to be true.  There is a PsychoNaut in all of us you just have to put your ego down and enjoy life to the fullest.

Join PsychoNaut Anonymous on our journey with our community to build a lifestyle brand together sharing in the success of many to create the success of our brand!

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