New B2B Platform Geared for Cannabis legalization shift!

New B2B Platform Geared for Cannabis legalization shift!

Stoner Distribution, a new brand launch of PsychoNaut Anonymous Inc., has announced the launch of its online B2B platform, The platform is exclusively for approved licensed resellers to purchase a range of products including mad honey, hemp cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, and more.

According to Stoner Distribution, the platform was developed to provide a trusted and reliable platform for both resellers and brands. The company recognizes that resellers, brands, and manufacturers need a reputable place to find quality brands, while brands need a reliable platform with qualified resellers to sell their niche products.

"Our mission is to provide resellers with easy access to a variety of premium quality products and enable brands to connect with reputable resellers," said a Stoner Distribution spokesperson. "Our online B2B platform,, will simplify the process of finding and purchasing these products for our resellers while providing a reliable channel for our brands to sell their products."


Our thoughts

"We are excited to bring this sector to our business and believe this will help our brand ambassadors, clients, vendors, nft holders, and the industries we are involved in as a whole.  The future is bright and we wont stop building more unique experiences that fill holes in markets." - Stoner Degen

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